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Claridge, John (1797 - 1857) - free ebooks for download and read online

There are ebooks for online reading and free download by Claridge, John on this page. Also you can read a bio of Claridge, John.

Captain Richard Tappin Claridge, F.S.A. {Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries) (b. ca 1797[1]/1799[2][a] - d.1857),[3] was a prominent asphalt contractor and captain in the Middlesex Militia, who became best known for his prominent promotion of hydropathy, now known as hydrotherapy, in the 1840s.[4][5] It was also known as the Cold Water system or Cold Water cure.[b] Claridge is widely credited with introducing the methods of Vincent Priessnitz to England, thus initiating the populist movement of the time.[6][c] Indeed, much of what is popularly known about Priessnitz in the English-speaking world comes from two seminal publications. Firstly, Claridge's Hydropathy; or The Cold Water Cure, as practiced by Vincent Priessnitz... (1842 & 1843).[7][8][9] Secondly, Richard Metcalfe's Life of Vincent Priessnitz (1898),[10] with Metcalfe himself drawing upon Claridge, although Metcalfe also later wrote a historical overview and added more about Claridge and his role in the promotion of hydropathy.[11]...

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