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Rydberg, Viktor (1828 - 1895) - free ebooks for download and read online

There are ebooks for online reading and free download by Rydberg, Viktor on this page. Also you can read a bio of Rydberg, Viktor.

Abraham Viktor Rydberg (Jönköping, December 18, 1828 – Djursholm, September 21, 1895) was a Swedish writer and a member of the Swedish Academy, 1877-1895. "Primarily a classical idealist",[1] "Viktor Rydberg, poet, novelist, essayist, idealist philosopher and one of the prominent figures in Swedish intellectual life in the latter half of the nineteenth century",[2] has been described as "Sweden's last Romantic" and by 1859 was "generally regarded in the first rank of Swedish novelists." [3] "The leading cultural figure of his day, he also wrote works on philosophy, philology, and aesthetics."[4] As "an idealist faithful to the Romantic tradition in poetry and thought, but with a mind receptive to the ideas of a new age, he achieved an unequalled position of authority in Swedish literature" and "with his broad range of achievements, greatly influenced Swedish cultural life"[5] He came to be described by subsequent biographer Judith Moffett as "a 'man of letters': a journalist, novelist, poet, religious historian, an expert on Norse mythology and the history of ideas, an all-around cultural leader." [6] Of him, a trio of scholars at the University of Cambridge in 1951, write:...

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